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Dr. Jere improved the quality of Lindsey’s life.

“I used to get headaches every day and severe migraines about once a week. Dr. Jere was able to handle this with regular adjustments and vitamins. Now I have less headaches almost no migraines, more energy and my hormones are balanced. I feel so much better and can enjoy life more now that I feel better. He improved the quality of my life, which is huge. I’m his patient for life!”

-Lindsey L.

The secret to Cheryl’s pain relief is that Dr. Jere got to the root of the problem.

“I’d just like to thank you for helping my body to correct its spinal alignment through adjustments by you and your vitamins and mineral recommendations. You corrected a recurring headache problem that has been making my life uncomfortable for more than 20 years! The secret was your interest in finding the root of the problem and not just treating the symptoms, as every other doctor had done over the years. Thanks Dr. Jere.”

-Cheryl P.

Gladys’ headaches were unbearable but in only five weeks they were gone.

“On my first visit to the office of Family Life Chiropractic, I really didn’t think anything could help me; my headaches were just unbearable. After three weeks, they were nearly gone. Now, after five weeks, they don’t exist. Thanks to you all, and I hope the rest of my problems are as easy to repair as the headaches. Thanks again!”

-Gladys D.

No headaches make for a thankful Jeb.

“I had been plagued with horrible headaches before and during my monthly period for years since a car accident when I hit my head. No matter what I did, this went on. I went for an adjustment by Dr. Jere during one of these bouts for something else and it entirely relieved the headache!

“I have been getting regular treatments for the past month and for the first time in a long time no headaches this month! Overall my body feels much better, lighter, and freer from pains and stiffness. Wow – thanks!”

-Jeb R.

After 17 years Jamie is winning the battle against migraines.

“I started getting adjustments to mainly handle 17 years of migraines: Migraines that for the previous five or six months had been lasting four or five days. From the first adjustment, things started doing better: The first migraine after starting lasted only one day, and I didn’t vomit (believe me, that’s an incredible improvement).

“Since then, my circulation has improved so much that I actually stayed in one position for 45 minutes and NOTHING fell asleep! I used to have to shift position every five to ten minutes to keep hands or feet from falling asleep.

“My energy level has improved immensely. I don’t go home from work and immediately sit down with a book. I start cleaning the house! My birds love it ’cause I play with them now instead of just talking to them. I’ve also lost 16 pounds!

“This chiropractic stuff is great and the staff at Family Life are extremely helpful and on top of things. Thanks Dr. Jere! Thanks a lot!!”

-Jamie G.

Migraines are gone and back pain is following suit.

“The results of the chiropractic treatment I have received here are phenomenal. When I started I had chronic migraines and continuous pain in the back. I was pretty much in apathy about my physical condition. Now I have not had any migraines for weeks and have only pain in the back occasionally. My health is much improved and I feel happier too! Thank you for your professional care!!”

Loraine L.

Carol is amazed by Dr. Jere’s migraine treatment.

“I walked in with a migraine and am walking out pretty much fine. That’s amazing! Thank you Jere for the excellent treatment and most importantly the incredible care factor.”

-Carol K

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After I dislocated my shoulder, Family Life put me right back together. I know, being a chiropractor myself, that it would have taken three times as long to recover without Family Life Chiropractic. Thanks all!

- Dr. Renatta S., DC

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