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Dr. Jere got Michael out of neck pain and relieved his heartburn, too.

“I highly recommend Dr. Jere to anyone that is looking for a doctor or anyone who is tired of feeling bad or hurting. Dr. Jere has helped me more in 30 days than other doctors and chiropractors have helped me in years. Give Dr. Jere a try. You have nothing to lose, but some problems and pains.”

-Michael W.


Nichola feels 1000 times better!

“My husband and I were traveling around the East Coast, when my neck became excruciatingly painful. This continued for a number of weeks. Not a life threatening experience, but one which severely disrupted my lifestyle.

“I was about to jump on a plane home to Colorado, when my chiropractor there recommended Dr. Jere in Clearwater. He praised him so highly, and was so convinced he could help me, that we drove from North Carolina to Clearwater in a day, and made an appointment with a slight feeling of apprehension as this man sure had a lot to live up to!

“In one day, I felt 1000 times better! It was unbelievable! I didn’t crouch around in pain all day, not able to enjoy any of the activities I had always taken for granted. The pain has disappeared. I cannot recommend Dr. Jere highly enough for his expertise, knowledge and obvious commitment.”

-Nichola W.

Dr. Jere got Lorraine out of pain and fully recovered in three days!

“My experiences with Dr. Jere have always been wonderful! It’s such a comfort to me to know that he is here when my body needs some extra attention.

“Last month I came to see Dr. Jere with severe neck pain. I could barely move. He took care of me with skill and compassion. And three days later I was fully recovered!

“Dr. Jere is an excellent example of an ideal chiropractor: Warmth, caring, skill and effectiveness. Thank you for all of your help.”

-Lorraine B.

Dr. Jere came in on weekends to help get Susy out of pain.

“I’ve been to chiropractors in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, but Dr. Jere is the best chiropractor I’ve been to. Sometimes when I’ve been in serious neck pain, I’ve wanted to fly to Florida just to see him. Nobody can adjust like Dr. Jere. He has even helped me by coming in on weekends which provided me with relief.”

-Susy H.

Dr. Jere got Gilberto out of pain when drugs couldn’t do the job.

“I live in Columbia. During the last five years I’ve had very strong neck pain. I was not able to rotate my head to the right and left and I had intense pain when I had to do it.

“I had visited three neurologists, two traumatologists and two psychiatrists to handle my pain. They only gave me drugs, tranquilizers, Prozac, and no success in handling the pain.

“I came to the U.S. as a last hope, and a friend of mine suggested to me to see a chiropractor. After the first adjustment I felt a great change! I can rotate my head to the right and left with no pain!”

-Gilberto O.

Myra thanks Dr. Jere for getting her pain free.

“My neck is much more flexible. I can now turn my head without having to turn my body to look side to side. I can also bend my head backwards without pain.

“My lower back is no longer causing any problems. There were times before when I couldn’t stand up straight because of the pain. I am now pain free. Thank you Dr. Jere.”

-Myra V

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After I dislocated my shoulder, Family Life put me right back together. I know, being a chiropractor myself, that it would have taken three times as long to recover without Family Life Chiropractic. Thanks all!

- Dr. Renatta S., DC

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