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Neck & Back Pain
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Lose weight and keep if off!

If you’ve tried to lose weight over and over again, but have been unsuccessful over and over again, then you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. Let Dr. Jere Jarrett guide you through successful and healthy weight loss. He has helped many people lose weight through a combination of the proven Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and nutritional consulting and chiropractic care.

Dr. Jere will create a personalized weight loss plan that will get you the results you want.

Dr. Jere creates personalized weight loss programs. Rather than promote one-size-fits-all fad diets he’ll work with you on an individual basis to help you achieve your desired results.

For example, a Candida yeast infection in the stomach might be preventing you from losing weight. So might stress, allergies or hormone problems. In addition to identifying and addressing your weight-loss related issues, Dr. Jere will offer you encouragement and advice each step of the way.

Healthy Weight Loss

Dr. Jere has a lot of experience in helping his patients lose weight. Key to weight loss is improving the overall health of the body. A body in a poor state of health has imbalanced hormones.

Fat-burning occurs under specific circumstances and is triggered by hormones. When a body’s endocrine system (hormone system) is not functioning correctly, fat burning won’t occur. Dr. Jere’s weight loss programs are designed to return your endocrine system to a healthy state.

Other health conditions, such as allergies or yeast infections that prevent proper digestion and keep weight on, are also addressed in your weight loss program.

If you want to lose weight but you’re not sure where to start, Dr. Jere can develop a weight loss program tailored to your needs for successful and lasting weight loss.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Dr. Jere uses the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method to help his patients with their weight loss goals. It is an effective program which results in rapid fat-loss while at the same time retaining muscle mass. The program consists of healthy weight loss, plus lifestyle education to help you maintain your results down the road.

Click here to learn more about Ideal Protein Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Success Stories

anisia Weight Loss in Clearwater

Anisia lost 44 pounds on the Ideal Protein program

“All of my adult life I was a size 6 until last year when suddenly I gained 35 pounds in six months. I tried working out, eating less… nothing worked. My weight kept going up.

“The Ideal Protein program put me in charge of my body. On it I lost 44 pounds in six months. I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I now have lots more energy and pop and I feel healthy and happy. And I get to wear cute clothes and everything I put on looks good. That’s fun!

“The Ideal Protein program takes some commitment and discipline, but if one follows the program it is impossible not to lose weight. I know for a fact that I will never be fat again.”

-Anisia D.

Angela now feels 100% better.

“The last time I was here I had just started a new diet which I loved. But I was having a problem in that I was completely worn out all the time. Everything took a tremendous amount of effort. I had ‘zero’ energy. Plus my neck felt continually out of alignment and was painful.

“I told Jere my neck had been really whacked and he immediately checked a couple of nutritional points which showed up as being out. He recommended a couple of supplements and within a day I was feeling tremendously better. It was amazing; I feel 100% better now. Thanks, Jere, for helping me and, my body be perfect again! You are incredible!”

-Angela M

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